Social Media Governance in Regulated Industries – Part 2 – The Right People

Last week I introduced a basic model for social media governance in regulated industries.  This week I want to get into the details and the framework I’ve seen work and work well, starting with the people who will bring the guidance, wisdom, and authorization you need to both start and support a social media project. This post focuses on the people and roles that make up a solid governance model.

First and always most critical are the people who make up your internal support network.  Departments represent corporate goals and fulfill corporate needs.  Individuals can also understand and invest in your vision.  Selecting and on-boarding the right people to your governance team is crucial.  The model and roles may vary, but here is the general construct.


Your executive sponsor should have the authority to give approval for your individual social initiatives.  This person should fit well into your company’s authorization hierarchy.  In addition to signing authority, your executive sponsor should be on board with your vision, and possibly contribute to it himself or herself.  Lastly, the executive sponsor should have a strong internal network and understand the nature of your projects well enough to recommend other internal contacts to fill some of the remaining roles of the governance model.  This role is accountable for the results of your project even if they aren’t involved in the day-to-day decisions of how to execute. Continue reading


Social Media Governance in Regulated Industries – Part 1

Digital presence isn’t always enough.  In a market flooded with browsing material, customers are gravitating to social media as a more personal, relevant experience with the brands they use.  This migration puts pressure on our clients in regulated industries to engage their customers in unprecedented and uncomfortable spaces.

In addition to the squirming virtually every business does at the thought of public negative feedback, two-way social conversations unleash a host of privacy and compliance concerns within regulated industries.  Here are some of those very real and right concerns:

  • Do we have the internal constructs and precedent to allow us to do this?
  • How do we manage the challenge of user privacy?
  • What if someone reports a product complaint in a social space?
  • How do we staff the effort?
  • How do we listen?

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