The Scrum Master Daily

Like most Scrum Masters my work is self- propelled. Other than ceremonies, minimal documentation and the few backlog admin tasks much of my work is preventative and proactive.  That means discipline.  Discipline, at least for me, is in the form of my Scrum Master Daily, a checklist that walks me through the priorities for my current project and team. Its my daily guidepost on how to navigate what my team needs.  Put simply, its a checklist that fits the needs of the current team for the current project. Continue reading


User Stories – Making the sacred cow useful for your team

User Stories are an artifact of SCRUM, a common but not ubiquitous methodology built on Agile Principles.  As a Scrum Master and Agile coach, I guide the team on User Story creation and adherence to the Agile Manifesto and Principles.  I’ve found in a few projects that User Stories can sometimes get in the way of the work, violating Principle Ten,

Simplicity, the art of maximizing the work Not done is essential.

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Iteration 1 – Welcome to My Blog

Here we go.
In faith I’m taking the leap with no pictures, no bio and no links to other work.  Iteration 1.
I took on Agile as a tool and a set of certifications. Little did I know that the methodology simply strengthened my own views on managing people and teams.  Its tenants and ceremonies serve to bolster what I’ve struggled to do with project teams for years.  The Principles make sense to me. Using the principles as a framework to make decisions makes sense to me. Learning from failure is simply wisdom.  I’ve put off blogging about my experiences in Agile for some time for many reasons, the first and foremost being that I approach the methodology practically and not philosophically. My perspective doesn’t leave much room for extensive pontification. I was recently reminded not to discount the value of my own voice. As an agile professional I admit a fair bit of shame in receiving that criticism.  In response, here is my voice.