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My Mission – Build agile mindsets, grow agile decision makers.

Here is a brief description of the services and training I provide. Don’t see what you need?Lets have a conversation.

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Summary of services

Leadership Coaching
Team Coaching
Scrum Master, Product Owner Cohorts
2 day Scrum Training
3 day Scrum + Kanban Training
2 day Leading SAFe Training
SAFe XP (for teams)
SAFe Scrum Master and Product Owner workshops

Topical Workshops

Effective Scrum Master
Effective Product Owner
Agile Business Analyst
Team Dynamics
Kanban (separate workshop – see Courses)

Training followed by Coaching

Training in agile principles, scrum, kanban or SAFe is a great first start in building an agile organization.  You can get more value by reinforcing the classroom in real life. Let your trainer be your coach.

Translating principles and methods into your daily reality is challenging.  An experienced coach can help your people use agile principles to make practical decisions and demonstrate an agile mindset.

Coaching – The act of teaching, mentoring, encouraging and embedding agile principles.

Leadership Coaching

Leaders face some common questions when in, or transitioning to an agile organization. Through group, or one on one coaching we explore:

    • What is agile leadership?
    • How should I measure success?
    • How do I manage agile teams?
    • What should I expect from my people?
    • How do I distribute ownership and accountability?
    • How should I arrange/build/organize my teams for an agile world?

Team Coaching

New, existing, reforming, reorganizing, the world of teams is full of interesting Dynamics.  I enjoy team coaching and commonly assist with:

      • New Team building
      • Self organized scrum teams
      • Scrum principles in real life
      • Scrum Master coaching
      • Agile maturity – mindset
      • Agile maturity – development practices
      • Continuous improvement – making the good better, continuously


Build role-based learning communities with Cohorts.  Cohort is a weekly program for 2-4 individuals in a specific Scrum Role, most often Scrum Masters or Product Owners.  Curriculum and projects are tailored for each group, client and industry.

Training Offered


Scrum Essentials

2 day Course, Product, Business or Technology tracks available
Getting projects “done” is mission critical. But when teams struggle to get things “done” or fail to meet expectations, initiatives flounder, funding is cut and money is wasted. In an agile world of high performing teams, Scrum is a key method for planning, organizing and getting work “done” with high visibility.
Centare Scrum Essentials teaches Scrum using an effective combination of classroom and practical hands-on experience. Students learn about the mechanics of Scrum, practices that support it, and the principles behind them to help sustain agility. We’ll dive into the Scrum framework, agile planning and estimation concepts, and how to keep Scrum healthy in the real world. If you’re just discovering Scrum, work closely with a Scrum team or are in a position that supports Scrum teams, you should take this course.

Scrum + Kanban

3 day course. Add the Kanban 1 day workshop to your Scrum Essentials course. Take Kanban beyond visualization! We’ll show you how to apply Kanban to complicated problems. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of Kanban, this course is rich with activities that provide you with real world applications of Kanban. We will guide you through mapping value streams and creating a Kanban board. Next, we’ll explore Work in Process (WIP) limits, queues, single-piece flow, metrics, and reports/charts. Additionally, we’ll work through estimation techniques and leverage ideas from Scrum that can complement your Kanban implementation.

Scaled Agile Framework

Leading Safe 4.0

This two-day course teaches the Lean-Agile principles and practices of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). You’ll learn how to execute and release value through Agile Release Trains, how to build an Agile Portfolio, and how to lead a Lean-Agile transformation at enterprise scale. You will gain an understanding of the Lean-Agile mindset and how to apply the principles and practices of SAFe to support Agile teams, programs, program portfolio management, and to coordinate large Value Streams.

Attending the class prepares you to take the exam and become a certified SAFe® Agilist (SA).

SAFe® 4.0 for Teams

This two-day course teaches teams who are part of an Agile Release Train (ART) how to work in an Agile environment using Scrum, Kanban, and XP. The teams will learn how to become Agile Teams, build their backlog, and plan and execute iterations. Agile teams learn about their ART and their role in it, planning, executing, and improving with other teams. This class prepares teams to run a Program Increment (PI), including all meetings at the Team and Program level with a specific focus on the upcoming PI planning.

Attending the class prepares participants to take the exam and become a certified SAFe®Practitioner (SP).

SAFe® 4.0 Product Manager/Product Owner

In this two-day course, you will learn how the roles of Product Manager, Product Owner, Solution Manager, and Epic Owner drive the delivery of value in the SAFe enterprise. You’ll get an overview of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), the Lean-Agile mindset, and an understanding of how the Product Manager and Product Owner roles operate in the enterprise to drive the delivery of value. Finally, you will get an in-depth understanding of the specific activities, tools, and mechanics used to effectively deliver value to the enterprise.

By the end of this course, you should be able to write Epics, Capabilities, Features, and User Stories within the context of SAFe, and have a solid foundation for managing backlogs and programs in a Lean-Agile enterprise.

SAFe® 4.0 Advanced Scrum Master Course

This two-day course prepares current Scrum Masters for their leadership role in facilitating Agile team, program, and enterprise success in a SAFe® implementation. The course covers facilitation of cross-team interactions in support of the program execution and relentless improvement. It enhances the Scrum paradigm with an introduction to scalable engineering and DevOps practices; the application of Kanban to facilitate the flow of value; and supporting interactions with architects, product management, and other critical stakeholders in the larger program and enterprise contexts. The course offers actionable tools for building high-performing teams and explores practical ways of addressing Agile and Scrum anti-patterns in the enterprise.

Attending the class prepares you to take the exam and become a certified SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master (SASM).


Effective Scrum Master

1 day Workshop – This workshop dives into the Scrum Master role, and is geared towards creating advanced and effective SM’s. On the Scrum mechanics side, we talk about facilitating events, the WHY behind agile principles and practices, On the traits and behaviors side we talk about building a team, fostering trust, and dealing with conflict. Also included are modules on Scrum Mastering “Beyond the Team” and with “Distributed Teams.” This workshop includes the “Team Communication” Workshop as part of the morning agenda.


Effective Product Owner

1 day Workshop
Agile Product Ownership today requires more than knowledge of how to write a User Story or manage a Product Backlog. This one day workshop focuses on Product Owner skills and techniques beyond just the mechanics of Scrum. The Product Owner workshop teaches people how to maximize the return on investment (ROI) and optimize the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of products and systems. Establishing product vision, thinking lean, validating the market, stakeholder management, owning a backlog, release planning, and working with a development team are covered to develop Product Owners who can truly master the demands of their role.

Agile Business Analyst

1 day Workshop
The role of business analysis on agile teams is extremely important, creating value by focusing the team around identifying and solving business problems. The tools and techniques of business analysis have evolved to encompass user stories, product backlogs, impact mapping, acceptance criteria, and many others. In this workshop we examine and practice many of the techniques available to an Agile BA. We also cover details on agile estimation, working effectively with the Product Owner and pairing with other team members.

Team Dynamics

1 day Workshop
In this workshop, individuals will learn the facets of communication, understand their personal communication style, develop strong team functioning abilities, increased interpersonal effectiveness and healthy team dynamics.

The Individual
Individuals on agile teams operate with increased autonomy. This increase in autonomy comes with additional responsibility to solve problems both technical and interpersonal. Starting with the individual, communication topics such as body language, communication style, tone, and the giving/receiving of positive and negative feedback are addressed. Students are introduced to the DISC personality profile assessment to learn more about their own personal behavior style, the behavior styles of others and how to work more effectively with people of varying styles. This section is devoted to creating self awareness to improve individual effectiveness.

The Team
Armed with the skills to work more effectively with others, our students are ready to learn how to work better together as a team. In this section, Tuckman’s stages of team formation are discussed, Lencioni’s Five dysfunctions of a team, managing conflict as a team and effective tools for team decision making. This workshop provides a holistic individual and team focus to optimize agile team results.